Emmaus House Staff

Executive Director: Patrice Kuerschner

Hollister native Patrice Kuerschner joined Emmaus House as their new Executive Director in early 2012. Patrice comes to Emmaus House after serving over 30 years sales and marketing. Her passion for children's welfare and desire to empower women to make stronger and forward thinking decisions lead her to Emmaus House. She is proud and excited to be a part of the vision of Emmaus House. She is happy to continue the life changing work that Emmaus House offers - not just providing emergency house to women and children in need - but empowering them as they learn life skills that will assist them as they move toward a more positive future. Patrice brings to Emmaus House a passion and commitment that will help Emmaus House grow and flourish, remain sustainable, and continue to compassionately serve our community's vulnerable women and children.

Lead Advocate - Suzanne Lopez

Suzanne Lopez has 7+ years of experience working for Emmaus House and 17+ years working for Community Solutions Mental Health Programs. Suzanne started at Emmaus House as a Client Advocate and moved up to Lead Advocate. During her 17+ years with Community Solutions she has worked in the Drinking Driving Program, Urine Analysis Program, Multi-Disciplinary Team/Cal-Works, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault, La Isla Pacifica, Foster Children/Independent Living Skills, Transitional Housing/Young Teens and Parenting Mothers, First 5 Program/Children 0-5+ years, Traditional Adult/Older Adult, and Full Service Partnership Adult/Older Adult Programs. Suzanne is certified in CPR/First Aid, 65-Hour Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault, HIPPA and Confidentiality, MI (Motivational Interviewing), Certified TICP Trainer, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Cultural Sensitivity, and several Prevention and Educational programs. Her work experience includes collaborating with Human Services, Drug and Family Court, Victim Witness, Public School, Law Enforcement, Hospitals, IMD's, Board and Care Homes, Residential Facilities, Emergency Protective Services, 24-Hour Care, Client's PCP's and Psychiatric Services as well as Medication Support.